Signing a cooperation agreement between Mahidol University and Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. for human DNA transplantation within the organization

Amidst the stressful conditions of society from the economic recession, affecting many sectors to face heavy burdens, especially businesses with a large number of employees have to bear the burden as well.

As a result, on November 21, 2018, Mahidol University and Quality Plus Aesthetic International Company Limited signed a cooperation agreement on development and promotion of the “Organization of Happiness” of the organization partners, with professor Dr. Banchong Mahaisavariya, President of Mahidol University, Associate Professor Rasarin Gray, Director of the Institute for Population and Social Research, and Associate Professor Dr. Sirinan Kittisuksathit.

Joint activity were organized between employees within the organization, to transplant DNA, that is not genetic material in the body, but is a process of developing personnel effectively in various fields. Whether it’s paying attention to the quality of work, good performance and potential working as a team that will contribute to the stability and sustainability of the organization with experts to control and give good advice which is a good defense against the described situation.

A large business development must start with the development of personnel, to be effective and happy, leading to an organization that excels in both intellectual and happiness directions. This collaboration has enabled the company to operate its business and overcome social tension, which is a great example and adaptation for today’s business.