Albumin protein from Rice Bran: usage in Cosmetics and Skincare industries

Rice is the most important food crop in Thailand and other nations of Asian region. Rice is more than 20% of energy source that humans around the world consume and is the most important crop in nutrition. In the process of polishing brown rice, aside from the obtained grain, there is also a by-product occurring in the production process, called “Rice Bran”, that is about 10.5 percent of the whole grain.

The structure of the Rice Seed consists of

The structure of the Rice Seed consists of

Rice Bran Utilization

Rice bran is considered a source of nutrients, that are rich in nutrition with the highest protein value compared to other parts of the grain. It contains vitamin B, vitamin E, minerals, dietary fiber and also rich in rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is a good quality oil, consisting of unsaturated fatty acids. There are 4 important types of protein in rice bran, which are: Albumin, Globulin, Prolamin and Gluten, which also have high nutritional values. Used to nourish the body for those who need protein, peptides and essential amino acids. In addition it helps to build immunity, and also contains phenolic compounds, feriric acid, which have antioxidant effect. Therefore, Rice bran protein is important in terms of food nutrition and medicine. It has remarkable biological properties more that other kind of cereals, and can be utilized in many ways including the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Quality Plus recognize the value of Thai plants and is interested in the development an advanced research. We have strong cooperation with the Agricultural and Agro-industrial Product Improvement Institute of Kasetsart University, to research the active ingredients derived from rice seed for further usage in the global beauty industry.

Rice Bran Utilization

Why choose the extract of Albumin Protein from Rice Bran?

There is a raw material for making Albumin Protein extract, derived from the cold pressed rice bran with the fats extracted already. It has both, nutrients and biological activity, and can be utilized as an ingredient in various food products. With the antioxidant activity making it suitable for usage as an ingredient in cosmetic products. Nourish the skin and face, reduce wrinkles, add moisture and stimulate the creation of collagen, nourishing the hair to be smooth and shiny. Therefore it can be used for a wide range of products, such as bakery, beverages or protein supplements, that help to add nutritional values and make the products more valuable. Food baby food (weaning foods), because it is a protein that does not cause allergies, and there are a number of essential amino acids that the body needs. The elderly people also need to consume enough protein to meet the needs of the body, therefore the rice bran protein become an important food supplement for the elderly and the patients with autoimmune problems. Quality Plus has the opportunity to study and conduct research together with researchers who specialize in researching Albumin Protein from Rice Bran for further usage with the commercial purposes.

The properties of Albumin Proteins from Rice Bran

  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-Aging
  • Moisturizer
Add Moisture to The Skin
Anti-Wrinkle Effect
Fight Free Radicals

The usage of extracts from Albumin Protein

  • The cosmetics and beauty industry – Albumin Protein from Rice Bran extract has an antioxidant activity, to moisturize the skin. It can be developed into various types of products such as skincare products, anti-aging products, gentle skin products, antioxidant products, hair care products and many more.
  • Dietary supplement industry – Albumin Protein from Rice Bran extract has a high nutritional value, and can be developed into a variety of dietary supplements, such as protein supplements, antioxidants and many other types of supplements. Suitable for people who consume the food with a lack of protein, or has the allergy to animal proteins, eggs, peanuts, milk, and also recommended for patients in recovery period etc.

Products types that can developed with Albumin Extract from Rice Bran

  1. Whitening Product – Night Cream, Serum, Essence, All Day All Night Care, etc.
  2. Moisturizer Product
  3. Anti-Aging Product
  4. Supplement

Further development and research of Albumin Protein from Rice Bran Extract

At present, Quality Plus has developed the research into the utilization of Albumin Protein from Rice Bran Extract together with leading research institutes from different countries like Canada, Brazil and Japan. If you are interested in joint investment to develop research with Quality Plus in the form of developing commercial patent in the field of extracts and branded products under your own brand, please contact us.