Quality Plus received the Happy Family Award 2018

On July 5, 2018, Associate Professor Dr. Napharenu Satjarak Theerathit, Vice President of International Relations and Corporate Communications Department, Mahidol University, Participated in the award ceremony of Happy Family Award 2018, by awarding the 18 organizations divided into 5 categories: government, private sector, state enterprise, community enterprise and SME.

It is a great honor to receive the award of a such level as Happy Family Award 2018, given to Quality Plus Aesthetic International Company Limited, which was presented by Mr. Pornchai Sonklin, Human Resource Manager. On this occasion, Associate Professor Rasarin Gray, Director of the Institute for Population and Social Research, thanked the organizations that have played an important role in driving the project, at meeting room 201 of Office of the Health Promotion Fund of Thailand, to be widely known and share experiences in conducting warm family building activities within the organization.

There are government agencies, private sectors, business sectors, both small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and it is also a model of organization that provides opportunities for educational institutions to study and bring success, that the organization has developed. It is a model guideline for improving student efficiency at the educational institution level, to be a guideline for practice to develop and promote the creation of a warm family, of people working within the organization and with agencies who have expertise.