Quality Plus continues moving forward: Biotechnology project aimed the stock market

Quality Plus

Quality Plus continues to move forward, a professional team attended a meeting to capture Biotechnology Project of the health and beauty market, aimed to be listed on the stock market.

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd., has set a meeting of the Board of Directors No. 1/2564 at the Miracle Grand Convention Hotel. The objective of the meeting was to appoint 4 committees in accordance with the principles of good governance, aimed to be listed on the stock market. In this meeting, Dr. Varayuth Milinthachinda was the Chairman of the Board, together with the Board,

as following:

  • Mr. Asada Thepyos, Chief Executive Officer
  • Prof. Dr. Mangkorn Rodprapakorn, Independent Director, Biotechnology Specialist
  • Prof. Dr. Kritsada Tunpow, Independent Director, Marketing Field
  • Mr. David Samanyaporn, Financial Advisor
  • Mr. Nuttaphon Asawahem, Independent Director, Finance and Accounting Field
  • Mr. Chinnapat Ketthaivirakul, Independent Director, Legal Field
  • Mr. Matra Praihiran, Independent Director, Legal Field

Md. Phd. Vorachoat Karunyasopon, Chief Research Officer, has revealed plans and marketing strategies of Biotechnology for the second half of 2021, in a term of reinforcing Biotechnology, to connect Medical Technology, and join forces with the Master of Science of Anti-Aging and Natural Therapy. Bringing Biotechnology and Medical Technology to combine it, and apply knowledge to develop products related to Bio-Health (Health Science). This is includes compounds used in everyday life, related to health care and has evolved towards Anti-Aging, making life longer and healthier.

Biotechnology is the new world, that will drive health care to raise the quality of peoples’ life to make it long and safe. It will reduce dependence on chemotherapy with harmful side effects, come to natural therapy (Natural Medicine), following the trends of Nature Health and Beauty in the future, and helping people to stay young for longer.

In addition, Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. has also launched a number of Biotechnology projects, such as:

  • Rona X, a product that will help meet everyone’s lifestyle in the covid era easier.
  • IDNA Life Manual, opens life guide from the DNA analysis, that can enable everyone to cope with the risk of disease, and can lead a higher safety life.
  • Brain Trainer for analysis and emotional health care through music, that helps everyone reduce stress, depression without medication, and help increase concentration in doing various activities with high efficiency.
  • Extract patent (IP) that will make skincare brands (skincare) in Thailand truly own their own extracts.

In addition to the above projects, Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. also develops, invents and creates many other Biotechnology projects, that will be ready for launching into the market soon.