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Leading Health and Beauty Business Experts in The Country

With more than 15 years of experiences in the health and beauty industry, Quality Plus has a deep understanding of business operations, accumulating knowledge from the initial stage of the business, conducting various research, and developing advanced manufacturing technologies, which entitled us to become an investment advisor on investing for innovative health and beauty businesses for entrepreneurs over a past period.

We stand behind the success of many Thai brands, working closely with consumers and business partners and precisely linking the needs of each party to achieve sustainable results that able to meet the demand of the industry.

Quality Plus has also become one of the comprehensive suppliers in the health and beauty industry, conducting product development and organizing its own research department under the supervision of medical experts, along with advanced production technology and innovation in manufacturing, fully complying with international standards and focusing on quality and safety.

In addition, we also have a business consulting unit to help you setup effective marketing and distribution strategy to meet your target customer groups based on analysis of their behavior.

Quality Plus has been providing consulting and taking care of partners for more than 15 years, guaranteeing sustainable growth and success.

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Quality Plus services cover all aspects of the health and beauty business, starting with research on Thai natural extracts and extracts imported from overseas, conducted under the supervision of our research team and medical experts.

In addition, we collaborate with the Institute for Research and Development of Agricultural Products and Agro-Industry (KAPI), Kasetsart University to develop and create effective products that combine new technologies and cutting-edge innovations.

We also pay great attention to creative product design to make it meet the demand of the target audience, following the latest trends, because we believe that the understanding consumer needs is the key of doing business.

Therefore, Quality Plus has to constantly study and delve into consumer behavior to better understand the different aspects of consumer needs, as well as production services with modern equipment. There is a production technology that meets international standards, which guarantees good product quality.

We connect consumers both – online and offline, creating a distribution plan that is suits each target group to make product distribution channel with the best match.

Making a business with us is a solid starting point for sustainable business growth.



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Your Personal Business Consultant

Consulting service – understanding your business and the actual target group, to create an effective distribution channel capable to reach the most appropriate target audience.

Start a business and understand the business strengths resources to be used in building of the product image so that it is outstanding and unique, and bring in new technology that can create the story for your product to be more eye-catching in the market.

With more than 15 years of consulting experience to various brands in the health and beauty industry, we understand problems and solutions in all aspects of business operations, which can make your business run smoothly and steadily.


Manufacturing Technology That Meet International Standards

Quality Plus pays attention to every step of the production process using state-of-the-art production technology. The operation and quality control are supervised by medical professionals and a team of experts.

We have been certified for production and service standards such as ISO 9001, which is a service satisfaction standard certification, and ISO 22716, which is an international cosmetic GMP recognized worldwide in the production process. Thus, ensuring the quality of production and export to expand the market to various countries in the future, there is also a post-production standard control by researchers to ensure performance in each cycle of the production.

We aim to improve the production process using digital and intelligent robotic systems to increase efficiency and accuracy of the production process which makes it possible to control the quality of production at every stage.

Quality Plus can deliver products and services accurately and on time.