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«Boys love» phenomenal series:

  1. Filming abroad in Japan.
  2. Over 1M readers of the Novel from ReadAWrite.
  3. «The imaginary couple» of 2022.
  4. Selling the higher quantity of copyrights in over 100 countries.

Anti-Aging Hospital

Quality Plus aims to create an anti-aging medicine center led by Dr. Phisuth Piyakritikul, Dr. Nattapon Suwan and Dr. Suthida Pokhong, along with the team of experts.

We have a team of Medical Experts in various fields to create Innovations for to slowing down aging process perfectly with modern Medical Technology.

Virtual Hospital

Quality Plus has seen Modern technology is changing rapidly. In medicine, it must be developed at the same time as well.

Therefore, we aim to develop medical services in the online, which will allows patients and doctors to communicate with each other in real time with a full range of services, just like in a real hospital.

Natural Extract Laboratory

Patent extract of Quality Plus’ natural innovations able to make the product to become outstanding, along with the effectiveness of Health and Beauty treatments that are certified by the country’s leading laboratories.

We are the only company in Thailand that holding a patent on over 170 natural extracts, specialized research and production technology.

Our Cooperation


Quality Plus develops cooperation in various fields with government and private sectors both locally and overseas, whether it is research collaboration with leading universities such as Kasetsart University, Thammasat University or collaboration to drive innovation with the Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), collaboration to drive local extracts development with the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR).

Including the establishment of an international network for knowledge exchange to study technological trends and innovations in health and beauty all over the world, as well as cooperation to share and expand knowledge based on the experience of partners, which always makes new knowledge and new business opportunities.

Resources for investors

Drive Business Through Innovation

Quality Plus is ready to grow the industry through innovative development for health and beauty, using technology to develop organizations in a variety of fields. Whether it is in-depth biotechnology in research and experimentation with natural extracts, intelligent robotics technology in the production process, digital technology in management and strategy, or data analysis technology in the study of consumer purchasing behavior.

Quality Plus aims to become the world’s leading technology and innovation company in the health and beauty industry, becoming a center gathering research extracts in the ASEAN region. To be a leader in the global health and beauty industry by creating technologies and unique innovations by Quality Plus, ensuring sustainable business competitiveness.


Quality Plus is willing to share technology and innovations to uplift society, whether it is farmers who are the upstream of the product, researchers who study local crops within the country, small entrepreneurs who want to grow through innovation, affected natural environment, partners and business associates, and the health and beauty of consumers.

Quality Plus believes that the development of technology and innovation that enhance the quality of life for all parties will lead to the sustainable growth of the company, as well as a better quality of life and society in the future.

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