Moving forward with innovation


Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd. seriously do research and develop in-depth research in biotechnology from agricultural products. We develop product formulas with several research institutes and cosmetic scientists. Our products have passed clinical testing by specialist dermatologists and national researchers. This is to add the value of the leftover from agro-industry by deep biotech, a new opportunity to create hope for the agricultural sector to move towards agribusiness with modern management knowledge.


Quality Plus is an innovative beauty and biotech company. We focus on bringing innovation in biotechnology to the discovery, development, and commercialization of health and beauty product extracted from natural resources.


Our Collaboration

Growing the business and organization will not hold back if today we only grow one person. Quality Plus therefore choose to network and collaborate our business with universities, government agencies, strategic partners, and international partners. We are growing together with Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Insitute, Thammasat University Faculty of Pharmacy, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences, The Thai Cosmetic Manufacturers Association, JKN Global, Zilingo, ITO Provitamin, Biodiversite, and many more.