ACNOC Brand launched new Advertisement of “Natural Goods” series

ACNOC Brand launched a new advertisement “Good things from nature”, which is more than pride of Thai brands, to win historic gold medal on the global stage of innovation and inventions in the USA, being the first company in Thailand to receive the Gold Prize in the Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2018 contest, including many other outstanding awards. On November 6 2020, ACNOC launched new advertisement “Good things from nature” that will lead Thai research closer to the hearts of Thai people.

The production of fine works managed through a quality team, together with Khun Thitanon Kalasartsenee, advertising producer, Khun Pipornpong Phongphanngam, advertising director, Khun Thanchanit Srisomphet, the composer of the commercial soundtrack and Mr. Akarakit Sirawattanarat, advertising sound supervisor, and was honored by leading guest actor Khun Saichia Wongwirot and actress Khun Patchanok Iamsaard.

Together they created the excellent work of ACNOC, the only brand that solves all skin problems. The product made from Pure Xanthone derived from “Mangosteen peel”, which makes it very popular among the people who love their skin. In the current era of organic skin care, and natural ingredients that are on the rise, people are starting to pay more attention to safety. Therefore, ACNOC created a cream from natural extracts and brought it closer to Thai people’s hearts through Thai research.