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Who is Quality Plus

Quality Plus is a distinctive innovator company with specialization on beauty business consultation, ingredient research protocol, and digital & technology solution. As a beauty business consultant, we provide cosmetic industry inside from raw materials to finished goods with concerning on how to deliver a product to consumer. Being ingredient research protocol, we develop research from local resources to finished researches. With our deep knowledge, we offer local ingredients with super effective result. Furthermore, we bring digital and technology solution by focusing on digital transformation for better products and services. We utilize latest digital trend to enhance performance.


We are aiming to be a leader in advanced biotechnology, with the innovations that drive to the next level of medical science.


Aim to develop technology to expand the knowledge of medical science towards the future.
Aim to be Thailand’s leading organization in biotechnology that has been recognized internationally.
Aim to enhance quality of life through collaboration in R&D with leading institutions both in Thailand and international.
Aim to create sustainable growth together for all stakeholders and shareholders.
Our Milestones

Our Milestones


Quality Plus established in 2009


Established a dedicated Research and Development Department of Quality Plus, in order to develop modern beauty product formulas along with international standards and safety, that stand out in the beauty industry.


Start studying and researching innovative extracts that are effective and safe, to develop it into product formulas with outstanding and different performance, as an alternative for entrepreneurs and consumers.


Aiming to become an international company through networking and business alliances, both domestically and internationally, to upgrade products to be up-to-date and in line with international technology. Ready to expand and jointly develop business and research with partners.


The R&D department started the research of the domestic resources, to develop Quality Plus’ unique natural extracts and create competitiveness in the beauty industry.


Focus on developing knowledge in formulating products to meet consumers’ needs and develop production to support international standards, including developing a management system for efficient business operations.


Start applying brand building knowledge to product formula development, in order to provide products that meet the needs of consumers in terms of design, communication and image building for the competitiveness in the beauty business.


Started providing the first comprehensive beauty business consulting service in Thailand. From the invention and development of product formulas, product design marketing planning, production planning cost management, including the strategy of distribution channels to create sustainable success.


Driving in-depth biotechnology to develop highly efficient natural extracts, especially bringing Thai agricultural products to develop with technology and publicize them to be known internationally, to enhance the competitiveness of the Thai extract industry.


Aiming to become a company that focuses especially on innovation development, change the research and development department to become a research and innovation department to focus on creating products that meet the needs of today’s consumers and enhance the creation of efficient products and services that can be proven by science.


Aim to drive the company as a digital company, focus on data analytics management services, to increase efficiency and accuracy in business operations, as well as understanding consumer behavior through data analysis to develop innovations to meet business needs.

The next steps of Quality Plus

Focus on the development of innovative health and beauty extracts for various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, dietary supplements, skin care, and oral care products, etc., along with pushing the innovative extracts of Thailand to be well known and accepted internationally, with the improvement of consumer experiences.


The Future of Innovation

As technology and the future change, being able to innovate, collaborate, and adapt will be more important than ever before. Instead of working alone, Quality Plus is now open to share information and work together to create the best vision for the future possible, especially on the beauty and biotechnology. We believe that like-minded people will discover incredible innovation through collaboration, bringing intelligent solutions to tackle uncertainty in the future.