12 Organizations come to study about Happy Work Place project at Quality Plus

On June 14, 2019, Quality Plus Aesthetic International Company Limited, gave an opportunity for other organizations to come and study the company’s work, in order to exchange ideas and suggesting guidelines for developing the organization, to become an organization of Happy Workplace model. Mr. Saraboon Buachart, project coordinator and 55 staff from 12 organizations attended the Happy Workplace project.

The guest company’s staff has collaborated with many departments such as HB, HR, MT, PD and RI, with a policy of managing the organization to create happiness (Happy Workplace) under the concept of “Warm family, Stable organization, Wealthy life” in order to focus on people, to have good health and work effectively.

The company cares about its employees and their families, like family of the company. In addition, it has also introduced practical guidelines for organizational development for other organizations, as well as giving opportunities to other organizations and educational institutions who wish to study and visit the company, to support and cooperate with the Happy Workplace project.


In this activity, Quality Plus Aesthetic International Company Limited, received ideas and learned what are the problems of each organization, and how close it to our organization. Therefore, the shortcomings were taken to develop the organizations to be more efficient, as well as being a public relation for all 12 organizations to get to know Quality Plus Aesthetic International Company Limited better. The company’s goal is to be a source of quality personnel in all aspects for happiness and sustainable success.