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Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd.

Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd.

Health and Beauty Biotechnology Company in Thailand
Our Story

Our Story

Quality Plus is a Thai beauty and biotechnology company. We are the leader of Thai cosmetic innovator, research consulting service and unified brand builder. Our business areas are including innovation in the biotechnology and dealing management system which is an important tool in creating competitiveness. Starting from the eager to enhance the health and cosmetic Thai brand, we do value adding to ingredients from plants and herbs of Thailand to be used in the health and beauty business. Innovation and technology are the core of our business, and we are ready to provide comprehensive business solutions.

Driving Biotechnology For Well-being

Deep biotechnology turns resources into innovations.
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Our Commitment

We develop and enhance the potential in the health and beauty industry. With innovation and deep biotech in research, we bring active ingredients from plants and herbs of Thailand to be used in the health and beauty business to have an outstanding identity, value-added and enhance the Thai cosmetic brand. On top of that, we commit to have a strong competitive advantage and grow steadily in the global health and beauty market.

Nature-Inspired Innovation

All the innovations from Quality Plus are always inspired by nature. Mangosteen fruit, as the indigenous fruit from Thailand, is not just delicious but also rich in medicinal properties. Mangosteen peel has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times.

At present, Thai people are using mangosteen to treat infectious skin diseases, inflammation, diarrhea, and dysentery. Then, we do the improvement of active ingredient efficiency with biotech research. Other than that, we are also using natural ingredients from many countries around the world. From Japan, we use Japanese onion from Awaji Island. The onion is specially selected onions that have Quercetin extract, a valuable substance for its super anti-oxidant.

We are innovator

We Are

We bring ideas and focuses on creating new instead of copying to beat the competition. By bringing innovation and deep biotech to create and develop extracts from Thai plants and herbs as the intellectual property becomes a health and cosmetic brand.

Develop beauty ecosystem

Beauty Ecosystem

More than just a health and beauty business, Quality Plus aims to satisfy our customers just right as they really need and improve the well-being of the farmers who grow our ingredient at the same time. In the end, our ultimate goal is to be beneficial for society.



Quality Plus studies and advocates research from leading universities and institutes, to bring technologies and innovations from various sources, drive it to consumers for the best health and beauty products and services, and to bring the knowledge of Thailand for international commercial integration.

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For Investor

Are you a private investor seeking to invest in future breakthrough innovation together with the Quality Plus Aesthetic International Co., Ltd.? Now is your opportunity to get involved and join our growing community of like-minded investors. We will manage the equity investment and offer a worthwhile opportunity for you to co-fund in our highly innovative companies. Co-investing in Quality Plus is a great investment opportunity as well as an opportunity to support market-creating innovations across Thailand and beyond.

Work With Us

Together we can create new value by crossing industry business and have more opportunities for international markets through the distribution channels and overseas sales. Raise your competitive advantage by researching or using specific extracts that are different from the general market. Let us shift you to the high-value product business through our advanced research.